Come visit our showroom at 1599 Venables Street.
Come visit our showroom at 1599 Venables Street.
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Corset Care

Steel boned corsets require some breaking in and getting used to. 


  • Always ensure that you are unlacing and loosening the back of the corset before undoing the closures at the front busk. 
  • Similar to breaking in leather shoes, corsets also require breaking in. This is called ‘seasoning’. Seasoning your corset will take time, and although it is tempting to tighten it as much as possible on your first wear - give your corset 7-10 days of gentle tightening to break in. This will ensure the corset breaks in nicely and forms beautifully to your body.
  • Again, do not over tighten - this can damage yourself and will severely impact the life of your corset.
  • Different materials will break in at different speeds, for example, leather, satin and mesh will break in quicker than taffeta and cotton.
  • Please be aware that if you share your corset, you will undo the progress made on shaping your corset to your body.


  • Under no circumstances should a corset ever be put in the washing machine. Steel boned corsets contain steel boning which will rust and become unwearable. 
  • Corsets should be dry cleaned only however it is safe to occasionally spot clean with damp cloth and water only. If water alone does not remove the dirt use a pea-sized drop of delicate non-bleach laundry detergent and gently rub until clean. Apply the soap to the cloth, rather than directly on the fabric of the corset and rub until clean. Take a clean, damp cloth and wipe the soap off the corset. 
  • Always leave your corset to air dry open and flat to ensure any residual moisture is evaporated and air can circulate around the corset.


  • Please be mindful not to bend the boning as you store your corsets - laying flat in a drawer will be perfect but be careful not to crush the shape. 
  • Keep your corsets out of direct sunlight as the sun may bleach the fabric.

Deadly Couture takes no responsibility for damage to items that have not been looked after.