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Made to Measure Sizing Charts

Hardware Colour Options

There is gold and silver coloured hardware. Please note - Both options are brass based with different coloured coating.
Another thing to be aware of is the silver colour coated brass is a nickle coating. We like to disclose this information in case there is any chance of allergies.

Due to the nature of brass hardware it is suggested not to wear your item over any coloured latex other than black due to the possibility of staining.
Wearing brass hardware with translucent or lighter colours of latex is your choice and Deadly Couture is not responsible for any damages to your latex if chosen to be worn with other colours. It is also suggested to store your hardware tissue wrapped or separate from any latex that isn't black.

Latex Colour Options

These are only approximate colours. They will differ on every screen due to colour calibration and will appear slightly different in person depending on the shining of the latex.

Standard Latex Colours

Translucent Latex Colours

Metallic Latex Colours

Patterned Latex Colours

Heavy Gauge (Harness) Latex Colours