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Satin Overbust Corset
Satin Overbust Corset
Satin Overbust Corset

Satin Overbust Corset

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Classic cut satin overbust corset.

  • 12 Steel bones
  • Steel busk front
  • Modesty panel
  • Lace up back
  • Custom made duchess satin cloth, developed over decades in wales
  • Triple bonded cloth for comfort & strength
  • 100% Cotton twill lined
  • Shape helps cover bulges in the hip area

Notes on Sizing
To determine your size in a steel-boned corset, measure your natural waist (the smallest part of your mid-section) and subtract 4 inches. Please be advised that your corset size will vary depending on several factors: 

  • Your physiology
  • The specific corset style
  • How many bones the corset has (the more bones, the longer it takes to break in)
  • The material (soft mesh and leather will break in quicker than other fabrics)
  • Corsets will break in with use, so take into account how often you plan on wearing the product, and for what duration.