Latex Care



      Avoid sharp objects when handling and putting on your latex. Fingernails, toenails and jewellery can all rip your latex. Take your time when putting on garments and wear disposable gloves when dressing if you have long nails to avoid tears.

      Light coloured and translucent latex will permanently stain if it comes into contact with copper based items, including coins and jewellery. Most jewellery contains traces of copper.

      Ensure the garment is well powdered (using baby powder or cornstarch) or lubricated (using water based silicone lubricant) before attempting to put it on. You can also put your latex garments on in the shower under running water. Pull on gently, taking care that fingernails, toenails and jewellery do not tear the material.

      Shine your latex using a silicone lubricant or latex shiner. Do not use oil or petroleum based lubricants to shine your latex such as baby oil, Vaseline or massage oils as these will deteriorate your garment. We suggest not using body lotions or creams before putting on your latex as these can also cause staining.

      Polish to a high shine using your hands or a lint free cloth. Be gentle with appliques and trim details as rubbing too hard can lift the detailing off.


      As soon as possible after wear, wash the garment in a mild soapy solution of luke warm water or specific latex cleaner and rinse again thoroughly with fresh water inside and out. Hang up to dry on a non-metal hanger away from direct sunlight or towel dry.

      Leaving your latex dirty after being worn will harm your latex and will most likely stain it.

      Some latex colours can develop a white milky sheen after being soaked in water, do not be alarmed! This is a characteristic of latex and will disappear as soon as the latex is thoroughly dry.


      Latex garments should be stored at a normal room temperature away from sunlight. Smaller latex items such as gloves or accessories can be wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a drawer. Larger latex items can be placed in a cotton garment bag inside a closet.

      Using tissue paper between metal fastenings and the latex will reduce the risk of the metal staining the latex.

      Light coloured and translucent latex should be stored separately from darker coloured latex as darker latex can transfer onto light or translucent latex items.  

      Do not store your latex besides PVC or leather items as both of these materials can stain or damage latex with long term exposure.

      Deadly Couture takes no responsibility for damage to items which have not been properly cared for.