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    How do I order?
    Simply select the correct variant on each product you wish to purchase and add to cart. When done, click on your shopping cart. You will be able to fill in your billing and delivery details.

    If you are ordering made to measure items - simply proceed to purchase like you would an instock item. Once we have received the order one of our lovely staff members will be reaching out to you via the email you supplied to confirm the details of the order (this includes the material colour, hardware, sizing, all that important business!).

    Can I change or cancel my order?
    If you have not received a shipping notification yet feel free to contact us and we will see what we can do. We work on a case by case basis. Please be aware cancelled orders will incur a 15% restocking fee. If you would like to make a change to your order after it has been placed, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

    Once an order has left our hands and is en route, you can’t cancel your order. If you decide to refuse a shipment, you will be responsible for all shipping and handling fees, including any additional customs, restocking or return fees.

    How can I check the status of my order?
    We know you can't wait to receive your order, which is why we notify you when your order ships via email. Unfortunately we don’t have any sort of automated system for you to know about how our packing queue is going. If you have any concerns about timing feel free to contact us!


    Where do you ship to?
    We happily ship internationally! If mail gets there, we will ship it. Just please be aware you may be asked for an additional payment to receive your order if the delivery address of your order is outside of Canada.

    What shipping options are available?
    We ship with Canada Post for all domestic orders and Canada Post and UPS for International orders.

    How much is shipping?
    You’re able to get a shipping estimate in our check out before you purchase. Simply place the items you are interested in into the cart and input your address. Our shipping is calculated based on size, weight and value so it hugely depends on what you are ordering. If you are having issues send us an email and we can try getting an estimate to you.

    Will I be required to pay customs/import duties to receive my order?
    You may be asked for an additional payment to receive your order if the delivery address of your order is outside of Canada. Any additional payment asked of you is an import tax not a shipping charge. You are personally responsible for any import duty/tax that may be applied to an order. Deadly Couture Inc. is not responsible for any additional charges incurred during shipping, such as duties and taxes, and we do not mark down the value of your parcel.

    Do you ship discreetly?
    All of our packages are sent in unmarked poly mailers or cardboard boxes. The only indication of what is inside will be our company name on the shipping label and keywords may be on customs forms.

    How can I track my order after it’s shipped?
    Please make sure you enter a valid email address when placing an order as once you have placed your order and we have shipped it out, you will receive an automated email containing your tracking number. Until we have created a shipping label the tracking/shipping information is unavailable.

    How often do you have postage pick ups?
    We have scheduled pick ups three times a week, we don’t want you waiting too long!

    Curbside Pick Up

    How does curbside pick up work?
    When checking out on our website select curbside pick up as your shipping method. Once we get everything all packed up and ready for you we will send you an email saying it’s time for pick up! Come on down to our warehouse in lovely East Vancouver. When you arrive just ring the front doorbell and we will meet you at the front door. You must have a piece of government issued ID to verify your identity and it must match the name on the order.

    Where do I pick up a curbside pick up order?
    Curbside pick ups are at our warehouse location - 1599 Venables Street in Vancouver, BC.

    When can I pick up a curbside pick up order?
    We are available for curbside pick ups 7 days a week, from 11:00am - 6:00pm. You don't need to let us know when you're popping by. Just let us know when you have arrived!

    How long does it take for a curbside pick up order to be ready?
    Depends on how busy we are but we are usually pretty quick about it. We hope to have things ready the same day. If you are concerned about timing just email or call us!

    Why does Curbside Pick up now cost .25¢?
    As of January 1st, 2022 the City of Vancouver has introduced a bylaw requiring retailers to provide paper bags at a small cost to their customers. We are no longer permitted to use plastic bags, nor to distribute bags for free.

    How long do I have to pick up my curbside order?
    Unfortunately we cannot hold on to orders forever! We reserve the right to cancel any orders for pick up that are not collected within 60 days of purchase.


    What types of payment do you accept?
    Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay and PayPal.

    Unfortunately we do not accept payments over phone.

    What currency do you charge in?
    We charge in CAD.

    Exchange rates?
    You will be charged in CAD. If you're outside of Canada, your bank or credit card company will convert the amount to your local currency.

    We cannot advise on exchange rates, please contact your payment provider for more information.

    What does the payment charge look like on a bank statement?
    We try to be as discreet as possible - the charge on the bank statement should show up as simply “Deadly Couture Inc”.

    Returns and exchanges

    Do you accept returns or exchanges?
    Due to the intimate nature of the items we sell, we do not offer any returns or exchanges.

    What if I have received a faulty item in my order?
    If the item in your order is damaged or faulty when you receive it, please contact us promptly to sort out a solution.


    How do I know what size to order?
    Please make sure to check size charts as we order from many suppliers from all over the world. If you are still unsure of what size to order, please feel free to contact us with your measurements and we will do our best to help!

    Am I able to try things on?
    Yes! Depending on the item, you can book an appointment to come view and/or try something on before purchasing it. You must book an appointment for a sizing consultation. We try our best to accommodate same day requests but please book in advance to avoid disappointment! Click here to book an appointment.

    Is my item/size in stock?
    All of our products are listed on the website in the available options, so if you do not see your size or desired colour, we are out of stock.

    My item/size is out of stock - will it be restocked?
    There is no guarantee we will restock an item as it depends on the manufacturer, etc but if you would like to be notified, please use our contact us form with the product link and your contact info and we will add you to our request sheet.

    Deadly Fetish Latex

    How do I order Deadly Fetish latex?
    Simply proceed to purchase Made-to-Order / Made-to-Measure like you would an instock item. Once we have received the order one of our lovely staff members will be reaching out to you via the email you supplied to confirm the details of the order (this includes the material colour, hardware, sizing, all that important business!).

    If you are interested in a custom alteration, please email us and we will see what kind of magic we can come up with.

    What is the difference between Made-to-Measure and Made-to-Order?
    Made-to-Measure is just that - Made specifically to your measurements! This is what we use for our line of harnesses to guarantee a perfect fit. Made-to-Order is still an item made for you but with a set size guide. Based on your measurements provided, we can determine what size you will need. If you have any questions or concerns regarding sizing for a potential order, please email us and we will let you know your options.

    I want my latex to look like this!
    Awesome! We’re so glad you have a vision in mind :)

    Please be aware though that we will not recreate another company’s design, we will not create a new design just for you and it is up to our crafters discretion as to what custom alterations on our existing designs they will take on.

    Please email us and we will discuss your options!

    How long does it take to make my Deadly Fetish latex order?
    Our latex queue wait time is constantly changing due to how many orders are in the queue and how complex the orders are. As it is constantly changing, we don’t ever have the wait time posted here. When you enter into the queue we will give you the estimated wait time for your specific order. If you are concerned about wait time you are more than welcome to email us asking about the queue before you place your order.

    When do I get added to the Deadly Fetish latex queue?
    You are entered into the queue upon payment of invoice, whether that be by ordering through our website on your own or through a custom email invoice we have sent you. If we have been discussing latex through email this does not mean you have been added to the latex queue. Your spot is not secure until payment.

    What if I purchase Xpress shipping for my Deadly Fetish latex order?
    Purchasing faster shipping will only affect the shipping time for your order, it will not change the manufacturing time of your latex. If you really need an order rushed, please contract us and we can discuss if it is currently an option.

    Latex Repairs

    Do you repair latex?
    Depending on the type of damage and type of product, we do!
    You can contact us here - click here
    We will ask for the type of damage, size of the damage, brand of the garment, type of garment and for an image of the damage. As soon as we gather this information we will forward it to our repair person to verify if it's repairable or not.

    * We cannot repair chlorinated latex *

    What does it cost to get latex repaired?
    It hugely depends on how bad the damage is. We work on a case by case basis. You're more than welcome to email us for a quote before committing to anything.
    Please note that there is a mandatory automatic $5 per item cleaning fee for every repair. 

    Do you sell latex scraps for at home repairs?
    We do currently have scrap bags for sale here. Please be aware contents are random and we do not take requests.


    What’s the difference between latex and PVC?
    Latex clothing and accessories are made from latex rubber sheeting while PVC clothing and accessories are made from plastic polyvinyl chloride. PVC is also sometimes referred to as Vinyl. Most latex clothing is glued at the seams and PVC/Vinyl is sewn like traditional garments. For the glossy look, latex does need to be polished as it is matte in its natural form.

    How do you take care of latex? 
    Check out info on latex care here - click here 

    What is chlorinated latex?
    Chlorination is a chemical process that is done to some latex clothing and accessories to make them softer, easier to get on, more durable, prevent items sticking together, and can even be more suitable for people with latex allergies. With the change to the surface of latex when it has been chlorinated, it is good to note that these items are usually more difficult if not impossible to repair or do alterations on.

    How do you take care of PVC?
    PVC should be hand washed and hung to dry. Do not ever machine dry or iron as high heat will damage your pieces. Be mindful that PVC does crease over time so hanging clothing can keep your pieces looking their best for longer.

    Is my PVC / wetlook damaged?
    PVC and wetlook does crease over time and depending on storage as well. PVC can have minor creases from shipping and should not be cause for alarm.

    How do you take care of corsets?
    Check out info on corset care - click here

    Gift Cards

    Do you sell gift cards?
    Yes! We have gift cards available here - click here

    Are your gift cards good for both in person and online? 
    Yes, gift cards are redeemable in person and online. When purchased, you will receive a code via email. So please double check the email is correct when ordering!


    Where is your new location?
    Our warehouse is located at 1599 Venables Street in Vancouver, BC.

    Does this mean your Gastown location is closed?
    Unfortunately yes, our original retail space in Downtown Vancouver is now closed. But don't worry! We're on to bigger better things!

    Is your warehouse open for in person shopping?
    We are by appointment only. You must book an appointment for fittings. We try our best to accommodate same day requests but please book in advance to avoid disappointment! Click here to book an appointment.

    Do you have more than one location?
    We wish! It’s just us, the one location, in East Vancouver, BC.


    Do you collab with influencers?
    Thank you for your interest but we are not doing any collabs at this time.

    Do you rent things for shoots and/or do stylist pulls?
    Unfortunately no, due to the intimate nature of the items we sell you must purchase the items (this is including our streetwear).

    What’s your accessibility like?
    We hope to provide individuals with disabilities equal access to our awesome goodies, everyone is welcome!

    Unfortunately our building isn’t wheelchair friendly as there are a couple steps up into our building. We also have older warehouse floors, which are sweet to look at! But it may be a bit harder to get around for those with mobility issues.

    If you have questions or encounter any difficulty in using our site please let us know. We’re more than happy to help and we try our best to make accommodations :)