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PVC & Wetlook Care


-PVC clothing is made from a plastic coated fabric & can be damaged if not worn or cared for properly. 
-The fabric can get scratched from sharp objects & also creased over time.
-Although the fabric does have stretch, if over-stretched the plastic layer can lose its smooth texture & stay striated, lose some of its original shine, & possibly tear.
-PVC does not require any shining products but some customers can choose to use a silicone polish when needed.


-For spot cleaning, wipe with a damp cloth & spray inside with a fabric refresher product.
-If necessary, PVC should be hand-washed with a mild liquid detergent & warm water. Turn inside out & lay flat to dry. Absolutely no machine dryers or irons as excessive heat can damage the plastic coating.


-Items can be stored hanging in a garment bag away from other clothing. PVC does crease over time so folding may speed up this process.
-PVC does stick to itself, so it would be better to store items separately.
-Different colours of PVC (especially white) should not touch each other for long periods of time as they can transfer colour & cause stains.
-Excessive humidity or dry environments can cause the plastic coating to flake or peel.

Deadly Couture takes no responsibility for damage to items that have not been looked after.