E-stim Long Pads

E-stim Long Pads

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These long sticky pads are just a little bit different. Longer than standard E-Stim sticky pad electrodes, they offer a greater contact area, but don't sacrifice the quality.

Each sticky pad is made of top quality materials, with a medical grade low allergy adhesive.

To use simply peel off the carrier sheet, stick to the skin and connect up. As these are monopole electrodes, you will need to use two pads at a time. The pads can be stuck to most dry skin surfaces. There is no need to use conductive gel with self adhesive electrodes.

Once you have finished, peel carefully from the skin and stick back onto the carrier sheet. The sticky pads are generally re-usable with care, but they are classed as a disposable item.

Each pad is fitted with a 2mm/TENS socket on a 'small flying lead' which will fit all of the E-Stim control units with the basic cables supplied, and most TENS style units with a 2mm/TENS pin connector.

Supplied in a pack of 4.

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